Our Company Background

Let's grow together! Learn more about us and why we are the right choice for you.

We believe that everyone should be able to turn their free time
into a party; go out together to have fun, new experiences.
To make this possible, we put various auctions live every day,
with which we inspire crazy outings, well-deserved holidays and special gifts!
To give everyone a chance at a good deal, we do everything we can
to make bidding as fun and easy as possible and to ensure
that auctions are conducted fairly.

Just back in time … Our preference for bidding (and especially winning) has created the idea for auctions. What started as one dream has now become reality.

We love … ACTION It is never really boring with us. There is always someone with a strong story, a spontaneous idea or a new challenge. And we do sports together! We are happy for it … YOU! We are ready 7 days a week for all our bidders, are always looking for surprising things to auction and give everyone a fair chance. If there are things that could be improved, we would like to hear them.